About Natalya Kochak

Natalya Kochak was born in New York and has since lived in many different places, from Alabama to Chicago, Berlin to Beijing. She graduated with her BFA and MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and now splits her time between Miami and Austin, Texas. In 2010, she received a residency with the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing and in 2011 traveled to Berlin for a three-month residency with Takt Kunstprojektraum. She also received a Kickstarter grant to teach art in Uganda for two months. While there she worked on her own projects and created a community mural with her students. She also is a big supporter of arts entrepreneurs and has been running a decorative painting business, Bluebird Design, since 2005.

Email: nkochak@gmail.com

Phone: 312-933-6626


The Plastic Pervasiveness 2015-2018 (ongoing) Oil on Mylar

In the work that I create I seek to represent the figure as the malleable reflection of a subject. The figure is set on mylar, a form of plastic, in…

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Little Vixen Series- 2015

Little Vixens, Pretty little girls, the ideal, little vixens, how uncomfortable you feel, Little Vixens, red lips titillating, little vixens for your pleasure, little vixens, daddy’s little girl.

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The Social Graces Series 2014

Social Graces is a work that came out of researching and looking at family photography going back into the 1800’s. I analyzed and recreated images based on feelings and interests…

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