The Plastic Pervasiveness 2015-2018 (ongoing) Watercolor on Vellum

In the work that I create I seek to represent the figure as the malleable reflection of a subject. The figure is set on mylar, a form of plastic, in much the same way a person is placed into life; with flaws, unpredictable beauties, imprecise edges, and blurred definitions. I’ve noticed that in our contemporary culture we strive for streamlined perfection in both the manufacturing of products and in ourselves. In my work, however, I use a mixture of silkscreen and monoprint techniques – usually tools for consistent reproduction – to emphasize the individual imperfections of a single piece, be it an object or a person.

My use of medium is complimentary to this approach, as the watercolor or oil and marbleized blending of form creates effects to challenge the rule of linear thought. Meanwhile, the repetition involved in printmaking creates a community of figures, either anonymous or easily recognizable, to show commonalities of the human experience.

I use the medium of photography to capture instantaneous moments in which my subjects identity becomes fused with my own instinctual thoughts and the mutation of form takes on a new life.

In my work, I seek to lead viewers and myself into the shared and different experiences an individual can have. My work encourages the viewer to think about the condition of being human, both as an individual and as part of a community.